Trip plans

Here I list detailed, information-dense itineraries, either for trips that I’d like to take, or for trips that I’ve already taken. I hope that these will inspire you and help you in planning your own dream trip! I’ve included some information about the thought process that I put into trip planning, as well as some assumptions that I make, to help you understand these itineraries. Please let me know if you have questions or comments about any of these! I consider crafting the perfect trip plan to be an art form, and would love to refine these with your input and make them even more perfect.

First, some information

Some thoughts on trip planning, part 1

The first part of my thoughts on planning vacations, explaining my need for detail.

Some explanations and assumptions

To help you understand all the info in my trip plans.

The actual trip plans

US trips

“Main Street Texas,” 4 nights

This is designed as a road trip from the Dallas area that explores several charming small towns along and south of I-10 between San Antonio and Houston, specifically centering around the beautiful “Painted Churches of Schulenburg.”

Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio, 4 nights

A road trip from the Dallas area, centered around exploring the many beautiful state parks in Central Texas. Several nights are camping

Non-US trips

Ireland, 13/14 nights

A two-week circle around the island, mostly in the Republic but also including Northern Ireland. Starts and ends in Dublin. Total cost, not including plane tickets or entry fees: about $3000.

Romania, 15 or 10 nights

Two options for seeing Romania; one more comprehensive that includes the far north of the country, the other more restrained and staying more in the central parts of the country. Neither goes to the Danube Delta on the Black Sea Coast; both start and end in Bucharest. Total cost, not including plane tickets or entry fees: about $3600 for the long version, about $2300 for the shorter version.

Switzerland, 9 nights

A week and a half spent mainly in the western and southern parts of the country and including an overnight stay in a mountain hut. Starts and ends in Geneva, though does not spend much time there. Total cost, not including plane tickets or entry fees: about $1850.

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