Switzerland, 9 nights

This is a summer trip, so lots of hiking, but no skiing. It also stays mostly in the French- and German-speaking parts of the country and does not venture much into the Italian- or Romansh-speaking cantons. I may expand the trip into a more all-encompassing one later.

DayStart pointEnd pointDistanceDrive timeSpeedLeave start pointTime at stop 1Time at stop 2Time at stop 3 Arrive end pointExplore end pointComments/stopsLodgingMap
1Geneva airportMontreux108 kms2.25 hrs48 kph10:00 AM1.5 hrs1 hr1.5 hrs4:15 PMFly in, rent car. Via CERN, Lavaux vineyards, Chateau du Chillonmap
2MontreuxBern153 kms3.25 hrs47 kph10:00 AM 2.75 hrs1.75 hrsvia Gruyeres, Brocmap
3BernBernExplore Bern (I’ll fill in with more specifics later)
4BernInterlaken116 kms2.75 hrs42 kph9:30 AM1 hr1 hr3.5 hrs5:45 PM2.25 hrsvia Spiez, Kandersteg, Oeschinensee.map
5Interlaken Interlaken 60 kms2 hrs30 kph10:00 AM1 hr3 hrs2 hrs6:00 PM2.75 hrsvia Grendelwald, train from Grendelwald to Jungfraujoch & back, waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen, Gimmelwaldmap
6Interlaken Lucerne84 kms2 hrs42 kph10:45 AM1 hr1 hr2:45 PM5.25 hrsvia Aare Gorge, Reichenbach Falls.map
7Lucerne Europahütte173 kms3.5 hrs49 kph10:00 AM3.5 hrs5:00 PM9.5 hrsPark car in Randa. Via PM hike over Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge to Europahütte. Hiking trail is not on Google Maps, but if you select Street View, you’ll see the outline clearly.map
8Europahütte St. Leonard73 kms1.75 hrs42 kph9:00 AM2.5 hrs3.5 hrs1 hr5:45 PM2.25 hrsvia AM hike back to Randa, Zermatt, Lorihiischi Living Museum. Note you cannot drive to Zermatt, so waypoint is Täsch, from which you take the train to Zermatt.Europahüttemap
9St. LeonardGeneva airport181 kms3.75 hrs48 kph10:00 AM1.5 hrs0.75 hrs2 hrs5:30 PM4.5 hrsvia Lac Souterrain, Pyramides d’Euseigne, Chateau de Tourbillon & Valere Basilica. Pass briefly through France. Return rental car.map
10Geneva airport homeFly out.
totaltotal 947 kms21.25 hrs
averageaverage 118 kms2.66 hrs44 kph9:54 AM5:09 PM2.86 hrs

Total accommodations cost: $1080
Total food cost: $270
Total rental car cost: $270
Total gas/petrol cost: $237
Total cost minus plane tickets & entry fees: $1857

I included Kandersteg on Day 4 because I have memories of camping there with Boy Scouts when I was young; although it’s a beautiful place, you may wish to skip it if it holds no personal meaning for you. The nearby Oeschinensee, however, should not be missed.

Please note that the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge crossed on Day 7 is NOT for those with a fear of heights! It is 1621 ft/494 m long, only 26 inches/65 cm wide, and at 279 ft/85 m above the ground in the middle is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world.

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